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Our company in Reno, NV provides asphalt paving in Cold Springs, NV. Providing high-quality and durable asphalt driveways, roads, and parking lots. Commercial & residential.

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We Are Great West
Providing Asphalt Paving for Your Cold Springs, NV

Experienced Professionals

Just like back in the day in Reno, our crew of asphalt experts has been honing their skills in this field since 1984. We bring a wealth of know-how and capability to every project we undertake.

Family Owned & Operated

Right here at our family-run enterprise, we're genuinely proud of what we do – treating each project as though it were for our own family or local businesses, giving it that personal touch.

Local Expertise

Our deep understanding of the unique paving challenges and rules in Cold Springs, NV, sets us apart. You can count on us to handle all the necessary permits and requirements to make sure your project flows smoothly and succeeds.

Our Asphalt Paving Services in Cold Springs, NV

At Great West, we take great satisfaction in using only the finest materials and state-of-the-art equipment. This approach helps us create attractive asphalt surfaces that are durable and last for a long time.

Driveway Choices

If you want a brand-new asphalt driveway or need to fix up your existing one, our team is ready to handle the job. We'll work closely with you to plan and create a great-looking driveway that matches your property's style.

Better Parking Lot

For businesses in Cold Springs, it's super important to have a well-kept and smooth parking lot for customers. Our parking lot paving services make sure your customers have a safe and nice-looking place to park.

Shield With Sealcoating

If your asphalt is looking worn out, our skilled crew can take care of various types of repairs. We'll mend cracks and patch up holes to make sure your pavement is strong and prevent more damage from happening.

Fixing Asphalt

If your asphalt is showing signs of wear and tear, our expert team can handle all types of asphalt repairs. From crack filling to patching, we'll restore your pavement's integrity and prevent further damage.

Marking Roads and Lots

Having clear and easy-to-see markings on streets and parking lots is super important for traffic flow and safety. Our asphalt striping services guarantee that your pavements follow the rules and stay well-marked.

Building Roads

Besides the regular stuff, we also work on bigger projects like making new roads for businesses. Whether it's fixing old roads or constructing new ones, our team is ready for the job.

Our Simple Paving Process

We get that beginning a paving project might feel like a lot, that’s why we’ve simplified our process to make it simple and worry-free:

Step 1: Consultation

Schedule a consultation with our experts, where we'll assess your project needs and preferences. We'll provide you with a comprehensive estimate covering materials, labor, and additional costs.

Step 2: Contract Agreement

Once you're satisfied with the estimate, we'll draft a detailed contract outlining the scope of work and payment schedule for complete transparency.

Step 3: Preparation & Paving

Our team will clear and grade the area, ensuring proper drainage before laying down the asphalt. With careful compaction, we'll create a smooth, long-lasting surface.

Step 4: Final Inspection

After completing the paving, we'll perform a thorough final inspection to ensure everything meets your expectations and complies with local regulations.

Don't just take their word for it, though - see for yourself what our customers say about their experience with our top-notch asphalt paving services firsthand!

Park Plaza
Park Plaza
Fantastic crew. Very quick repair of our parking lot. I would recommend them and certainly will use them again at our other properties.
Bernard King
Bernard King
Very nice job guys. Can’t wait to do the back parking lot next year
Amber Hitchborn
Amber Hitchborn
They did the estimate and finished the work within a week of us contacting them. Very responsive, great work, and cheaper than the competitor who scheduled and then no showed on us. Our driveway looks great and we are very pleased with it.
Zachary Doser
Zachary Doser
Reasonably priced, prompt service, excellent work and site cleanup completed without delay. Highly recommend the company.
Marilyn F
Marilyn F
I am impressed with my beautiful new parking lots! They did what was explained, efficient and fast. The price was very reasonable. I highly recommend Great West Asphalt to any business owners or residential owners! Victorian Inn Sparks Nv.

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