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About Great West Asphalt Paving Contractor Reno Nevada

Right from the very beginning, we here at Great West Asphalt Paving understood that customers were going to have plenty of contractors to choose from when it came to their asphalt projects here in Reno Nevada. With a growing population and a town ready for growth, it was only natural that there was going to be a lot of paving work to be done here in the Biggest Little City In The World.

We understood all of this way back in 1984 when we got started and set off to provide only the best quality and craftsmanship in our work. We understood that that is the way best way to gain a great reputation. The great work that a company produces speaks volumes.

We set out to be that asphalt paving company.

We are family owned and operated asphalt contractor that started things up way back in 1984. Like all small businesses, we started off small. We started with only a small amount of equipment and gear but even back then we always focused on producing only the best paving possible. Slowly, we started to make customers happy with our work and we started to get referral work.

We began to expand, and we began to reinvest in our company with more equipment, hiring a bigger crew, and gaining the ability to tackle even bigger projects. As we grew, we never lost our vision of always providing the highest quality work and providing it on time and within budget.

Today, we install brand new asphalt driveways for residential properties, we tear out and replace entire commercial parking lots, we provide sealcoating asphalt to make sure it last for years to come, and we even go out and repair damaged paving.

So, if you’ve been thinking about having your home’s asphalt driveways replaced or repaired here in Reno and sitting around online typing in “asphalt paving contractor near me” on your phone or laptop you don’t have to search any further. We here at Great West will be happy to answer any questions you have.

Own a business and need a large project done? Call us today: at 775-210-0397 and talk to Matthew. He can schedule you for a FREE estimate and get out and see what you need on your project.

We honestly feel like we are the most knowledgeable and friendly asphalt contractor Reno Nevada has to offer. We are down to earth and will be happy to answer any questions you might have regarding your paving.

​Call us to schedule a FREE quote. You’ll be glad you did.